Parking Lot Fence

Guemes Island Parking Lot Fence Project Update

Public Works crews will replace the wooden fence along north end of the Guemes ferry parking lot starting Thursday, April 11. Crews and equipment will need access to the northern end of the lot during the work, so we’re asking folks not to park there on April 11, and again at the end of the month.

Why are there survey stakes in the parking lot?

We needed an accurate survey of the property lines to ensure we replace the fence in the right location. Our survey crew discovered that the existing fence was a couple feet off the property line.

How long will the fence replacement take?

A few days – but not in a row. Our maintenance crews will do prep work on April 11. Near the end of the month, contractor crews will set fence posts, wait for the concrete to cure, then return in a couple days to install the actual fencing. As soon as we get an official schedule for the fencing, we’ll let you know.

Are you paving the lot?

No. We discussed the possibility of paving the lot with the Ferry Committee and at a public meeting last year. Based on public feedback, we decided not to move forward with a project.

Are you doing any other work to the lot?

No. We’re just replacing the fence under an agreement we made several years ago.

Are you planning to make the lot a pay-to-park lot?


Skagit County Public Works

1800 Continental Place

Mount Vernon, WA 98273


Source: Email Skagit County Public Works 4.9.2019 11:29 AM