Guemes Ferry Landing Anacortes

Guemes Ferry Landing Anacortes

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Guemes Ferry Safety Tips

Guemes Ferry Safety Tips In an effort to provide safe service to their passengers, they ask that you observe the following Guemes Ferry Safety Tips.

Source: Skagit County Public Works ~ Back of the PEAK Season Schedule & Fares (effective May 20, 2018)

1. In case of emergency, please follow crew instructions.

We provide training to our crew for anticipated emergencies. Your cooperation and assistance during such occurrences will be greatly appreciated. Your safety is our concern! Please read the emergency procedures posted in the passenger compartment.

2. Please do not drive aboard the ferry with children on the driver’s lap.

Even a slight misjudgment could result in damage or injury.

3. Please do not use cellular phones during loading or unloading.

It is illegal to drive on to the ferry while talking on a cell phone.

4. When driving on the ferry after dark, please use only your parking lights.

Bright lights make the loading process difficult for the crew.

5. Passengers must not jump on or off the ferry before it is secured and the ramp is completely down.

Please wait until directed to disembark. Any slip or movement of the ferry could result in injury.

6. Please shut off your engine and set the emergency brake in your vehicle.

At no time shall engines be allowed to be left running during the crossing.

7. Minimize walking between cars, especially during loading, unloading, and landings.

A hard landing or wake could result in movement of the ferry and cars, thus threatening possible injury for people who may be in between vehicles.

8. Keep car doors closed until the vessel is loaded.

The opening of doors in a lane being loaded or the passengers on deck during loading can result in delays, damage, or injury.

9. Please respect the clear zone at the ends of the ferry.

The crew needs room to open the gates, secure the vessel, and operate the ramps. Extra persons in this area during landing can result in undue hazards. Clear zones are designated in yellow on the deck.

10. Walk-on passengers should wait for the traffic signal or the crew member’s signal at the head of the dock.

Boarding walk-on passengers should not be on the bridge structure while the ferry is landing or when the bridge is being raised or lowered. Further, by standing back and waiting for the “green” light, conflicts are minimized between boarding and disembarking passengers.

11. Please park bicycles and motorcycles where directed by the crew.

Motorcyclists must remain with their bike at all times. Please be prepared to keep your bike stable during the crossing and in changing conditions.

12. Keep all animals on leashes.

13. Walk-on passengers please remain in the designated passenger waiting areas until directed by the crew.

Guemes Ferry Safety Tips Flyer 

Cold Weather & Ferry Service

Guemes Ferry Landing Snowing

For your safety, we would like to kindly ask you to be mindful of a couple of things:

1) The dock ramps are very slick when it is this cold; we suggest not riding your bicycle up the ramp. Instead, please walk it up the walkway.

2) If you are walking on the ferry, please pay extra attention on the walkways and aprons, particularly as you are getting on/off the vessel.

3) When approaching the ferry terminals by car, please watch your speed. This goes for when driving on/off the car deck of the vessel as well.

Source; Skagit County Email 2.4.2019 10:28 AM