Transporting Portable Containers of Gasoline

Guemes Island Ferry policies for transporting portable containers of gasoline


To:             Private vehicles transporting portable containers of gasoline               

From:        Captain Rachel Rowe, Ferry Operations Division Manager

Subject:    Policies pertaining to the transport of portable gasoline containers                 

The purpose of this important notice is to serve as a reminder of the policies for transporting portable gasoline containers onboard our ferry.

The Skagit County Guemes Island Ferry system, holds a special permit which authorizes the transportation of portable gasoline containers subject to the following provisions:

  • Each owner or operator of a private motor vehicle must advise the crew and/or terminal staff of the presence of any portable gasoline containers and make them available for inspection.
  • A visual inspection by a responsible member of the crew and/or terminal staff must be made of each container of gasoline. Any container showing deterioration, which might affect its integrity, must not be allowed on board the vessel.
  • Up to two (2) portable containers of gasoline may be transported provided that no single container shall exceed a maximum capacity of six (6) gallons, and the containers must be either USCG or UL approved.
  • Portable containers of gasoline must be tightly closed/capped and stowed in a suitably secure manner on the vehicle to the satisfaction of ferry personnel.
  • Any container showing deterioration which might affect its integrity must not be allowed on board the vessel.
  • Portable containers of gasoline may only be transported in the open bed of a pick-up truck or on an open trailer. Portable containers of gasoline cannot be transported in the passenger compartment or trunk of a motor vehicle or be hand-carried on board by walk-on passengers.

Compliance with the requirements set forth in this notification is mandatory. Failure to comply may result in future restrictions from transporting portable containers of gasoline.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact:

Captain Rachel Rowe, Ferry Operations Division Manager, at or (360) 333-1496.

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