Legislature approves $1.5M for Guemes Ferry

Legislature approves $1.5M for Guemes Ferry shoreside charging infrastructure



The Governor signed the capital budget on May 21 that included $1.5 million for shoreside charging infrastructure to support the new, electric Guemes Island Ferry.

Skagit County Ferry Division Manager, Rachel Rowe, and Public Works Director, Dan Berentson, made a presentation to the House Transportation Committee in January 2019 to raise awareness of the innovative work the county is doing to design and build an electric replacement ferry. Electric propulsion will eliminate consumption of 2 million gallons of diesel fuel over the 40-year life of the vessel and achieve near-zero local air emissions. The project aligns with the goals of the WA State Maritime Blue Strategy for a sustainable maritime industry by 2050.

“We’re honored to receive Legislative support for the Guemes electric ferry project,” said Ferry Division Manager Rachel Rowe. “This funding affirms our shared commitment to the use of renewable energy for public transportation. The new Guemes Ferry will lead the way for electrification of ferries throughout our state.”

The $1.5 million was part of more than $32.6 million in overall capital budget funding for clean energy capital projects in the state. Skagit County expects to spend a total of $3.8 million on construction of shoreside infrastructure to provide electric charging capacity for the new Guemes Island Ferry.

Find more information about the Guemes Island Ferry, visit skagitcounty.net/ferry.

For questions or more details, please contact Rachel Rowe at rrowe@co.skagit.wa.us or 360-416-1400.

Source: Email from Skagit County May 22, 2019 3:48PM