County crews working on island for the next month

Update 08.26.2022 9:09 AM

Ferry service updates for the week of August 29

Beginning Monday, August 29, county road crews will be chip sealing on Guemes Island. They will be hauling equipment over in the mornings and returning in the afternoons through Thursday, September 1.

On Tuesday, August 30, the ferry will re-fuel and crews will also conduct some routine maintenance. There will be no double 11:15 a.m. sailing. Crews will do their best to finish the maintenance in time for the 1:00 p.m. sailing, but there could be a delay.

Please plan accordingly.

Update 08.02.2022 4:20 PM

County Road Crew Tentative Work Schedule

County road crews are working on Guemes Island on Edens Road (now) and chip sealing (later this month). As an early heads up, here is what they are planning.
On Thursday, August 4, road crews will haul ecology blocks to Guemes Island between about 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The late mornings/early afternoons can be very busy times for ferry traffic, so please plan accordingly.
Chip sealing is tentatively set to start the week of August 29. That week, crews and a lot of equipment will be going to Guemes in the morning, starting at about 7:30 a.m. and coming off-island in the afternoon. The work schedule for chip sealing is subject to change, and updates will be posted as early as possible.
We hope this helps with planning how you will ride the ferry. Be advised, two to three boat waits can be quite common during certain times in August, depending on the day. Please give yourself plenty of time to catch your desired sailing. Also, the ferry cams online are a great way to view the Anacortes and Guemes Island ferry lines. Check them out at Ferry Cams (

Original Email 06.21.2022  6:21 AM

County crews working on island for the next month

Monday, June 27 – County crews will be hauling asphalt to the island this week and next as they work to chip seal all of the roads. This is done every 6 years per the chip seal program. On the days they are unable to haul asphalt, they will be hauling ecology blocks and other materials for Edens Road. Work on Edens road is anticipated through July 31. For the next month, we will see an increase in County equipment using the ferry throughout the day Monday through Thursday. Hauling these materials after-hours would be very costly to the tax-payers of Skagit County; therefore, it is being done during normal operating hours.

We realize the impact of this work; therefore, the ferry will offer a double run (an extra sailing after the 11:15 a.m. sailing) every day through July if we leave cars behind on the 11:15 a.m. run. The only exception would be unplanned maintenance that comes up and needs to be done in order to keep the ferry in service. And, of course, emergency runs will still need to occur as needed.

We hope this early notification helps you to plan how you ride the ferry for the next month. Any changes to this information will be posted as soon as possible.

Visit the Guemes Ferry page to learn more

Source: Skagit County Email 06.21.2022 6:21 AM


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