Cold Weather Ferry Service

Cold Weather & Ferry Service

There could be delays in service due to snow conditions.

Please be patient the crew are doing the best they can under very cold conditions.

Thank You!

Guemes Ferry Landing Snowing

For your safety, we would like to kindly ask you to be mindful of a couple of things:

1) The dock ramps are very slick when it is this cold; we suggest not riding your bicycle up the ramp. Instead, please walk it up the walkway.

2) If you are walking on the ferry, please pay extra attention on the walkways and aprons, particularly as you are getting on/off the vessel.

3) When approaching the ferry terminals by car, please watch your speed. This goes for when driving on/off the car deck of the vessel as well.

Source; Skagit County Email 2.4.2019 10:28 AM