Work Session to Review Ferry Fare Increase 04.17.2023

Guemes Island Ferry Committee

  • Attend the SECOND Work Session in person if possible: Commissioners Work Session: Monday, April 17th, 3 p.m. – 4 p.m | Commissioners’ Hearing Room, 1800 Continental Pl, Mount Vernon, WA

Attend in-person or via Zoom using the following link:

  • This Work Session is NOT a public comment period. Public input is NOT taken at this meeting. If you choose to show up, please go to listen, and to watch, and to hold your county officials accountable. You will be there to observe the conversation they have, but that is all. Please be respectful and professional!

Thank You for Providing Public Input!
The public input process for this project is our opportunity to tell Public Works and the Commissioners that this proposal is unacceptable. This Ferry Fare proposal affects our lives, our businesses, our budgets, and our ability to continue to be part of this community. Every comment letter they receive gets put into the public record as part of this decision making process, and Skagit County will hopefully review them and act on your feedback.  


  • If you are able to, please send your comments in before the Work Session on Monday, April 17th. Skagit County Communications has told the GIFC that during the Work Session, they will be reviewing several versions of the SECOND KPFF proposal and weighing those options, as well as reviewing public comments, so getting them in before then will have a greater effect.Send comments to:
  • Public Comment is helpful please use the following to state your concerns.

These links include:

  • For folks that would like help getting started, a “blank template” to begin your letter. Public Comment Template
  • For folks that would like talking points, a list of issues that are relevant to all, but could be more relevant to some than others. Ferry Fare Talking Points

We have put together people’s letters with others for inspiration. If you have already sent in comments, please email your letter to If you are planning on sending your letter into the county, copy the above email address as well, and we will work to collect those letters here.

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